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Firetree (PvP)
Hello, and welcome to the Legion!

Dragon Legion is a casual weekend raiding guild. Casual meaning we dont get upset if u miss a raid day with a headsup an valid reason and we are willing to push raid times forward or back an hour. BUT when we do raid we expect no horseplay an bring your A game to the table. We are more selective on gear, gemming, enchanting and overall knowledge of class over your actual raid exp. Our main teams dps an tank slots are full atm but we are in need of some healers that can make the weekend raiding for core team.

Our secondary team is mainly made up of core team alts so youll be running with ppl who have already done what ever that team will be raiding. We are still doing BWD regularly and will most likely be taking any new guild memebers their to test their ability. If you perfom well in whatever we PUG then you have a very good chance for being picked up for core team. We are still seriously trying to make a solid stand alone secondary team we can take into FL. All we need are tanks and healers to make that happen. Most importantly everyone raids wheather your in the core team or not. You just have to be online when Message Of the Day says to be. Feel free to double check if your unsure of raids.

Also very friendly guild environment an the more time you spend online the more likely you are to get help. The more dedication you show the more willing ppl will be to help you i.e gem, chants, crafted gear.


As im sure youve seen from gspam we are currently 4/7 R FL. We have been raiding four weeks tottal and got our 4 fl kills on first weekend inside an would have gotten 6 had it not been for a few no shows. People Here are exp at least 6/7 an we have a very fast learning group. Were currently lvl 5 but have been lvling once a week now from the raid exp.

currently ranked 34 on the Horde(55 server) according to guildprogress and it can be said were rising faster than any other new guild.

Raid Times
Team 1 sat-mon (730 sat-sun/930 monday)
Alt runs thur-fri 8pm server

Trial Periods will all be done IN THE GUILD. Their will be no "friending you" for a later invite. NO EXCEPTIONS so pls dnt waste time asking.
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